ETIUDA scholarships

We are happy to inform you that Małgorzata Szeląg and Katarzyna Błaszczyk have received PhD scholarships from NCN:

  • Małgorzata Szeląg “Porównawcza analiza strukturalno-funkcjonalna in silico białek STAT i IRF, w celu identyfikacji związków chemicznych, działających jako specyficzne inhibitory funkcjonalne”
  • Katarzyna Błaszczyk “Charakterystyka i biologiczne znaczenie odpowiedzi transkrypcyjnej indukowanej interferonem typu I zależnej od STAT2 lecz niezależnej od STAT1”

HADDOCK Workshop

RNA Centre ENKNOW2vitainsilica

May 27-29 2015

We would like to announce the 1st HADDOCK Workshop in Poznan on May 27-29 2015. The invited guests Prof. Alexandre Bonvin and Dr Anna Vangone from Computational Structural Biology Group, Science Faculty, Utrecht University, Netherlands will introduce the usage of HADDOCK software. HADDOCK is a pioneer software in data-driven (or integrative) modelling of protein interactions. Developed since 2003 in Bonvin Lab, it has been cited ca. 1000 times. A user-friendly web server is also available. HADDOCK is well-known for its ability to integrate data in the modelling calculations. Workshop is organized by our department and sponsored by KNOW and VitaInSilica Sp. z o. o.


Prof. A.M.J.J. Bonvin

Dr Anna Vangone 


Hans A.R. Bluyssen – chairman

Malgorzata Szelag

Adrian Silesian

Anna Czerwoniec


KNOW RNA Research Centre in Poznan

VitaInSilica Sp. z o. o.


Registration will be open since 13th April 2015 till 17th May 2015 by contacting with Please include your name, affiliation and information if you wish a workshop certificate.

The workshop is free of charge. Participants have to cover only travel and accommodation expenses by themselves.

The number of participants is limited to 20 people so we will be accepting applications based on first come first serve rule.

For more information, click here: HADDOCK.

Exploring genetic bases of innate and adaptive immune responses in chickens with next generation targeted DNA sequencing

We are glad to inform you that prof. Wesoły is a participant in National Science Center grant

Research Grant nr UMO-2014/13/B/NZ9/02123. 2015-2018. Wykorzystanie ukierunkowanego sekwencjonowania DNA następnej generacji do analizy genetycznych podstaw wrodzonej i nabytej odpowiedzi immunologicznej u kur. Exploring genetic bases of innate and adaptive immune responses in chickens with next generation targeted DNA sequencing. Participant: Prof. Joanna Wesoły.

Synbiotics-activated TLR-signaling as a measure of improved immunity in chickens

We are glad to inform you that prof. Bluijssen is a participant in National Science Center grant:

Research Grant nr UMO-2013/11/B/NZ9/00783, 2014-2017: Szlak sygnalizacji TLR aktywowany synbiotykiem miarą poprawy parametrów odporności u kurcząt. Synbiotics-activated TLR-signaling as a measure of improved immunity in chickens. Participant: Prof. H. Bluijssen.

STAT2/IRF9-mediated IFNα signaling directs ISGF3-dependent and independent transcription and antiviral activity without STAT1

Our paper has been recently accepted for publication:

Blaszczyk K, Olejnik A, Chen Y, Chmielewski S, Kostyrko K, Nowicka H, Wesoly J, Lee C, Bluyssen HA (2014) STAT2/IRF9-MEDIATED IFN-ALPHA SIGNALING DIRECTS ISGF3-DEPENDENT AND –INDEPENDENT TRANSCRIPTION AND ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY WITHOUT STAT1. Biochemical Journal, Accepted for publication. DOI: 10.1042/BJ20140644.